Website Design & Development

It’s never about whether the codes are working, rather it’s about if they can be used.
Technology framework that works at your command, a robust Ecommerce backend that delivers quick order fulfillments and smart apps that acts on the go- if you think these are tricky, we do it with ease.

Our Web Development Specializations are

We binge on the basic. You come to us with your requirements and we start it off from the scratch. Let’s take a look at our web development services are and not limited to below

Angular JS

  • Open source JavaScript Framework created by Google
  • The main feature of Angular is to combine best web components, patterns and practices in one framework
  • Angular is designed with robust testing attention. It supports user friendly codes that leads to uninterrupted service
  • jQuery Library is a well accepted feature that ensures several great web practices in the development process
  • Angular supports important designs patterns such as Model View Controller and Dependency Injection

Node Js

  • Node Js is a JavaScript on the server side
  • Builds scalable network programs
  • Node is programmed in C so it can perform at its best when dealing with OS system and networking
  • Designed for high competence without using threads and new processes


  • Remote Dictionary Server or Redis is an open store advance key value store
  • The key value types include lists, hash tables, sets, sorted sets
  • Programmed in C that amazingly support multiple platforms
  • Delivers unique data model and replication

Mongo DB

  • Schema free high performance document oriented open-source
  • Different from key-value database
  • Complete index support for high performance
  • Designed for good speed
  • It stores documents or objects that are mostly uses such as- Python, Ruby, java etc.
  • Require no multi-document transactions

Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce websites are making more than customized business websites. But it takes the right platform that generates sustainable traffic and sales to the site. We can quantify your business business needs and suggests the most cost-conscious gateway to your market. Our Ecommerce web development starts with creating seamless CMS that adheres to Business Intelligence, Third party APIs and marketing automation. The platforms we work on are

  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • Magento 1 &2
  • WooComemrce

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